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Cheryl Seal (aka Squiggles)
Tony Seal (aka Smaxy)
She grew up in Rolling Prairie, IN.  She became interested in clowning  when her daughter was in 4-H and she took the class with her, about 20 years ago!  After learning the basics of clowning from  4-H instructors, she took on the name of Jingles and did a it as a hobby at parties and a weekly kids night at a restaurant. After about 5 years of being Jingles, she decided it was time to further her education and get some formal training. She attended the Happy Hearts Clown Alley clowning classes in Elkhart, Indiana and that is when Squiggles was born.  Squiggles has always enjoyed working with children and loves seeing them smile, so clowning is very important to her!  She is employed at a daycare so she can enjoy kids all the time.
He was born & raised in Three Oaks, MI. His clowning began when he learned to talk, but his career of clowning started  in 2007, shortly after he and Cheryl were married. When Smaxy saw Squiggles as a clown he decided that was something he would love to do too!  And besides, Squiggles told him that if he wanted to marry her,(now that’s serious stuff!)  he would have to become part of her team, hence, Squiggles and Smaxy Productions was born! 

People think that clowning is all about donning a red nose and costume, and hey…I am a clown!
If it were as easy as that there would be a clown on every street corner. It takes many, many hours of practice and learning to become a good clown.  As in anything that you want to become good at, learning is an ongoing thing and you can always learn more to make yourself the best you can be!
Squiggles and Smaxy have been continually learning new things and have been to several trainings so far. Our most recent was Mooseburger Clown Camp in Buffalo, MN in July of 2011. That was 6 days of intensive clown training, taught by some of the world’s most renowned clowns, many being former Ringling Bros. clowns. Clowns from all over the world come to this to learn all they can! Squiggles and Smaxy made a clowning video and won a contest sponsored by Prilosec OTC and Prilosec paid their entire tuition of $1700 for them to go, as it has always been a dream of Squiggles!
In Oct of 2010, they attended the Midwest Clown Roundup for 5 days of intensive training and in March of 2009 and 2010 they attended The Spring Fling for 4 days of training. Getting together with other clowns is the best way to learn new material. They belong to the Grand and Glorious Mid- Michigan Clown Alley where several clowns get together each month to share and learn new things.
They are constantly looking for ways to improve their clowning to make sure their audiences are thoroughly exhausted from laughter and fun!

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